Service Providers and Vendors

Verona Hills contracts with companies to take care of common areas, snow removal, and more. We also provide additional security and leaf and brush pickups. Below are some examples of our service providers:


The service we use is called Titan Protection and Consulting. They started October 1, 2014. All employees are clearly identified by the Titan vehicle and Titan uniforms.

Leaf and Brush Pick-Up

In addition to pick-ups provided by the city, Verona Hills contracts with Compost Connection. Those dates and times are listed on the homepage of this website. There is no need to sign up. Simply have your bags or bundles on the curb by 7 a.m. on the date of the pick-up, which we try to schedule at least 10 times throughout the year during months when leaves and brush are more abundant.

Bag-less Leaf Pick-Up

As an optional service, you can choose to sign up for curbside bag-less leaf pick through Envision Lawn and Tree. Simply visit their website online at or call 816-788-0808. No long-term contract is required.

Glass Recycling

As another optional service, you can choose to sign up for Glass Bandit to recycle your glass products. Simply visit their website at or call Jamie at 913-721-6970. No long-term contract is required.

Neighborhood Help

The following neighbors provide yard work and/or snow removal services. The Homes Association does not guarantee work or fees.

Isaac & Joseph Rogers - 816-589-9495
Scott Nicoll - 816-686-3994
Cameron Fiser - 816-726-2821
Danny Hair - 816-943-9387
If you are a resident who is able to offer a service to your Verona Hills neighbors, contact Please also considering becoming an advertiser in our bi-annual newsletter that is mailed to all households in Verona Hills.