New Residents

Verona Hills is characterized by the stability of its population with only an average of 5% of homes changing owners annually. We welcome new residents who have moved to Verona Hills during our last newsletter timeframe:

Matt & Angie Vesey                                                            316 Avila

Carolyn Ray Williams                                                        11627 Glen Arbor Terrace

Jill Hathaway                                                                       11312 Jefferson

Gregory & Michelle Smedley                                             11324 Summit

Louis & Gabrielle Accurso                                                 1105 West 121st Terrace

Mike & Teresa York                                                              11524 Summit

Dustin & Katherine Dernier                                                724 West 121st Street

Nicholas & Megan Timmons                                             11914 Summit

Durrel & Krista Harper                                                        100 West 119th Street

James McCausland                                                             11400 Summit

Carl & Danielle Specking                                                     808 West 121st Street

James & Rita Tiehen                                                           11306 Summit

Monty Koehn & Beth White & Brett Koehn                       1109 West 120th Terrace

KC                                                                                             916 West 120th Terrace

Charles & Jessica Monaco                                                 11905 Jarboe Street

Joyce & Joesph Evoli                                                            11913 Washington

Blake & Kelly Chevalier                                                        322 West 119th Terrace

Merylene Dampier                                                                1013 West 120th Terrace

Micah & Katie Schmidt                                                        11720 Madison Avenue

Kathryn & Mark McGilley                                                     12121 Summit

Heather & Dayton Isbell                                                      11708 Glen Arbor

Abraham & Sarah Papabathini                                          11730 Wyandotte

Clayton Melrose                                                                    11916 Jarboe Street

Maggie Miller & Joseph Tulipana                                        508 West 115th Terrace

Noah & Natalya Sparks                                                        101 West 119th Street

Nancy & Peter Sickle                                                             200 West 119th Terrace


Helpful Info for New Homeowners

If you’re new to the Kansas City area, you might be interested in some of the following information.

Emergency/Police/Fire: Dial 9-1-1
Non-emergency calls: Dial 816-513-0900

Trash Pickup: Trash pickup is provided by the City of Kansas City. Verona Hills is in the south sector of the City, and Wednesday is our regular pickup day. Pickup is delayed one day in weeks when observed holidays fall on Monday through Wednesday. Bulky item pickup can be arranged with the City by appointment.

For more information on city services, visit

Leaf and Brush Pickup: Twice a year, the City provides leaf and brush pickup. To provide additional opportunities, the VHHA contracts with a company to provide additional leaf and brush pickup services. Dates are typically listed on the home page of this website, and we try to send reminders a few days in advance via email or phone for those who choose to be contacted this way. 

Additional information may be found in your Homes Association Directory.