New Residents

Verona Hills is characterized by the stability of its population with only an average of 5% of homes changing owners annually. We welcome new residents who have moved to Verona Hills during our last newsletter timeframe:

Steph & Eric Schupp                                      1916 Jarboe Street
Joseph & Joyce Coleman                               11825 Madison Avenue
Scott & Marla Groth                                       400 West 115th Street
Billy & Kristi Morris                                         614 W. 115th Terrace
Lucas & Natasha Parker                                11501 Baltimore
Carolyn Williams & Daniel Ismert                200 West 115th Street
Jake Leet                                                           825 West Santa Fe Trail
Jon & Christina Hiatt                                      209 Avila Circle
Benjamin & Kathryn Woodward                 11730 Wyandotte
Mei Dodson                                                    11516 Summit
Terry Levine & Clair Keizer                           309 West 116th Street
Stuart & Sandra Bartow                               11701 Jefferson
John & Jennifer Daniel                                  11719 Summit
John & Chelsea Dameron                              807 West Santa Fe Trail
Wade Peterson                                               11705 Summit
Kent & Ryan Welch                                        11824 Central
Jason & Diana Kander                                   11507 Summit
Brian & Jill Shaw                                              615 West 115th Terrace
August & Denise Norton                               11213 Jefferson
Clayton & Sheryl Calvin                                 11206 Summit
Brian & Natalie Wellington                           11718 Jefferson
Dana & Shannon Wollerman                        801 West 122nd Street
Danny & Janan Fairman                                11206 Jefferson
David Behnke                                                 11711 Central
Robert & Mary Rosburg                                 812 West 122nd Street
Mary Grace Webdell                                      11908 Summit
Jessica Herman & David Beier                      904 West 121st Street
Chad Phipps & Tanner Sullivan                    12105 Summit
Jeffrey & Cassandra Smith                            11207 Jefferson
Michael Bono                                                   400 West 116th Street
Christopher & Laurie English                        713 West 114th Terrace

If you’re new to the Kansas City area, you might be interested in some of the following information.

Emergency/Police/Fire: Dial 9-1-1                  Dial 816-513-0900 for non-emergency calls

Trash Pickup is provided by the City of Kansas City. Verona Hills is in the south sector of the City and Wednesday is our regular pickup day. Pickup is delayed one day in weeks when observed holidays fall on Monday through Wednesday. Bulky item pickup can be arranged with the City by appointment. Twice a year the City provides leaf and brush pickup. See details for additional leaf and brush pickup provided by the VHHA on the home page.  For more information on any of these services, visit the City website,

Additional information may, also, be found in your Homes Association Directory.


Upcoming Events

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