Local Highlights in South Kansas City

Support nearby businesses including those at the Red Bridge Shopping Center and in Martin City.

Learn about wildlife at Trailside Center near 99th & Holmes Road.

Get involved in the community by joining the South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce or reading more about the South Kansas City Alliance.

Visit the official Kansas City tourism site to learn more about all there is to explore.


OPPORTUNITY FOR FREE TREES: Sign Up to Show Your Interest

Did you know you may be eligible to receive a free tree planted in the public right of way, next to your property? This is a program offered through KCMO Parks and Recreation partnering with the Heartland Tree Alliance, available to any resident of KCMO. After enough people sign up to request trees in our neighborhood, we are notified of planting days.

Trees would be planted by volunteers during workdays throughout the year. The only commitment you make if you sign up to receive a new tree is to water it for its first two years. Visit heartlandtreealliance.org/treesforkcmo to learn more. You can sign up by calling 816-944-2548, emailing trees@bridgingthegap.org, or completing their online form.



Additional Resources

Connect with neighbors online through Nextdoor

Check out the Verona Hills Facebook page.