Homes Association

The Verona Hills Homes Association was established to protect the interests of homeowners and to give them a voice in community and city affairs that affect the area. Association Covenants and Restrictions ensure that properties are maintained to a high standard. The VHHA Board of Directors consists of a group of homeowners who serve, voluntarily, supporting the interests of Verona Hills residents. The VHHA is a member of the Homes Associations of Kansas City (HAKC), an organization providing administrative and accounting support to more than 45 homes associations in the metropolitan area.

The current annual dues include these services and programs:

Snow removal of our streets
Beautification and maintenance of 44 common areas
Titan Security patrols
Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Annual VH Garage Sale
Movie Night in the Park
Printing and distributing directories
Two newsletters per year
Annual meeting
Adult winter celebration
Annual trimming of parkway trees
Partnering with the KCMO Parks Department on maintenance of Migliazzo Park
KC welcome baskets for new residents
Eight yard waste pickups per year
Updating and maintaining the VH phone and email registry
Maintaining VH web site
Alerts to residents via robo calls

Pay Your Dues Online

While you are welcome to submit your dues by mail, you also have the option to visit the Homes Associations of Kansas City's website and pay using the online payment portal. These funds allow Verona Hills to remain a safe, beautiful, and enjoyable place to live.

Bylaws, Covenants and Restrictions

The Association By-laws explain how our organization was established and is governed.

The original Covenants and Restrictions were established concurrently with the early development of Verona Hills. These Covenants and Restrictions were made applicable to subsequent development phases by separate recorded instruments. They are intended to promote and protect property values by restricting the use of properties and to ensure improvements are built to certain standards that enhance the attractiveness of the residential community.

The Declaration document establishes the Association, outlines its duties, provides for its governance, provides for special assessments and the means to collect such assessments. The policy for Delinquent Assessment has been added for review.

The Homes Associations of Kansas City website includes information on all associations served by HAKC. Archives of Verona Hills Board meetings and other documents may also be found.

Your Award-Winning
Neighborhood Organization

The South Kansas City Alliance honored your Verona Hills Homes Association Board with the SKCA Outstanding Neighborhood Organization Award on May 30, 2017. A beautiful plaque was presented during a breakfast at Avila University. Special thanks to our Board of Directors and the many residents and volunteers who have generously assisted with various projects and activities through the years to show pride in our community! 


Security Company Info:

The service we use is called Titan Protection and Consulting. They started October 1, 2014. All employees are clearly identified by the Titan vehicle and Titan uniforms.

Of course, if there is a problem, the first call should be to the police department. If there are ongoing issues and concerns, any resident may forward those to the appropriate board contact. Titan can investigate, monitor or follow up on issues.

Times of daily security rounds will not be published because then the wrong people would know when they are in our area. Employees will be armed with a gun, as well as a baton and pepper spray. They will check out houses if they see a problem and will notify homeowners as needed.

Financial News

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