The Board of Directors meets on a regular basis to address needs of Verona Hills' homeowners.

If you have an issue that you would like to present to the board, please contact the Secretary to be placed on the agenda at the  next available meeting. If you cannot reach a board member, you may also contact the HAKC office.

Kevin Fallon
11613 Summit

Vice President
Maggie Thomas
11706 Jefferson Street

Joe Lewellen
801 West Santa Fe Trail

Christen Dusselier
11519 Baltimore Avenue

Director/ Communications
Laurie Minx

Director/ Events
Merylene Dampier

Director/ Common Areas
Open Position
TBD Email

Director/ Public Works
Jenny McKenzie

Director/ Compliance
Chris Gaughan

Director/ Migliazzo Park
Becca Allen

Director / Security
Dave Bednarczyk


If you have questions or concerns about


  • Your VHHA dues – contact the Treasurer.

  • Migliazzo Park or one of the islands or common areas – contact the Director of Migliazzo Park or the Director of Common Areas.

  • Whether a car parked in the same spot on the street for two weeks is in violation of City Codes - contact the Director of Compliance.

  • The date of this year’s VHHA Annual Meeting - contact the Director of Events.

  • When the snow on your street will be plowed - contact the Director of Public Works.

If you're not sure who to contact, simply email us at